24″ & 12″ Pipeline & Pump Station Project

24″ & 12″ Pipeline & Pump Station Project

Project introduction:
3 Km Pipeline & 2500 Dia inch Piping, ROW, Stringing, Bending, Welding, Blasting & Coating & Painting, Fabrication, Steel Supports, Trenching, Bedding,
Lowering, Padding, FOCC & FOC, Backfill, Civil Works.

Saudi Arabia
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Pump stations are a key component of pipeline system operations. They contain electric motors to drive the pumps that maintain pressure and flow in the pipeline.
The project can be used to expand the water distribution system to bring in needed seawater for facilities such as the Economic City refinery and power plant,
and to discharge wastewater into the deep sea. As a complex and large-scale comprehensive project, it covers many specialties such as water, roads, bridges, buildings,
water supply and drainage, electrical and communications.

Noise analysis, air modelling and wetland surveys were carried out on all of the project's sites to develop designs that work within rigorous confines while minimising
impact on the environment and the public. Throughout the construction process, work will be supervised by environmental inspectors and indigenous supervisors.

The construction steps for the project include:

1. Installation of piles and pouring of concrete
2. Installation of mechanical equipment
3. Piping and connections (welding) 
4. Construction of structural steel and buildings
5. Electrical installation and instrumentation
6. Insulation and pre-commissioning
7. Cleaning and restoration activities